Cairngorms MNHP 2018 - Garten Woods

This morning's early birds were Eleni and Angharad who got up to the red squirrel hide at 4:15. George and Rose slept in today so didn't make it out for the morning minibus safari with our Mark. So the Cairngorms by minibus tour this morning was just Mark and Pip, they were treated  (much to George and Rose's dismay), they saw two owls, a tawny and a short eared... The tawny was too quick for them but Pip managed to get a few good shots of the short eared owl!

Yesterday Neil ran a camera trapping workshop, he set up a camera trap in the area where we know the red squirrels frequent, he talked us through the setting up of triggers and how to correctly set exposures for the environment and use external flash to light the subject. We left his camera trap for about 8 hours and got some really cool wide angle shots of the red squirrels. 


Once we all reconvened we set off for Garten woods next to Loch Mallachie and Loch Garten. The woods are one of the last remaining examples of an old growth forest indicative of the natural British landscape.

Joe Gray - Garten Woods.

Joe Gray - Garten Woods.

Whilst there we split up and Neil ran another moving timelapse induction using his Syrp Genie set up. Rose got a lovely timelapse of the light moving through the woodland.

The rest of us shot off, I practiced some woodland landscapes and experienced with double exposures, Claire set out to shoot some of her trademark soft macro style. The rest of the squad all did their own thing, heres a little peak at what we got up to...

We've got an early start tomorrow, setting off for the ospreys at 3:30 so hopefully we'll have a nie selection of osprey photos for you tomorrow evening!

Joe x