Cairngorms MNHP 2018 - Dolphins at Chanonry Point

Like every other day there was a group of hardcores up in the wee hours, this time it was the turn of Evie and Neuza to visit the red squirrel hide, as always Neil was up with them at 4 to help set up and give advice before the squirrels turned up. Resident early birds George and Mark were joined by Alisatir, Rose, Ang and Lenny... And a strange talking bush for their morning minibus safari.

You may not be able to see Lewis in these photos but I can assure you that he is in there.

After everybody got back to Easter Corrie we prepared for our road trip to Chanonry Point. I don't think anybody really knew what to expect from the day, we hoped to see dolphins but none of us had even dared to dream that we would experience them in the way that we did. 

A sporadic crowd of a hundred or so people was spread across the beach about an hour after low tide. Binoculars were pressed against faces scanning the water surface. hoping to see a dorsal fin pop out between the choppy waves. Suddenly there was a universal gasp as a dolphin popped out of the water no more than fifteen feet from the beach. Tripods were thrown over shoulders and there was a rush to the waters edge where the once scattered crowd became a condensed one... again we waited as the dolphins it would seem, were just teasing us. About ten minutes passed before we saw another and that was when the show began, we were treated to 3+ hours of dolphins swimming back and forth no more than a hundred feet front of us, at times coming so close it almost felt as though you could touch them! We saw jumps and twists it felt like hours went by in the minutes. I'm not going to keep babbling on about it I'll just share some photographs, I wish I had some photos of my own to share but I spent the afternoon shooting video which I haven't edited yet so I will try to have that ready for the end of the week when we share our best moments. Enjoy...

Hope you enjoyed, check in again tomorrow x