Cairngorms MNHP 2018 - Birds of Prey day and Red Squirrels

This morning it was the turn of Claire and Rose to get up at 4am for the harsh slog up the steepest hill in Scotland in the rain with telephoto lenses and hides to sit in the woods in the hope of seeing red squirrels... Again, Neil was good enough to get up with them at 4 to help set up their hides as well as GoPro set ups. This time though they set up Rose's GoPro Fusion 360º camera. 

Good news is that the Squirrels arrived and they got some amazing photos and footage... the 360º footage takes about a million years to stitch and render though so we'll have that with you as soon as we can!

In the mean time here are a few photographs that Claire Spelling managed to nab...

Our resident early bird George has been getting out every morning with Mark at about 4:30 for our Maaarks minibus safaris. It's been paying off as he seems to come back every day with a few more photos... Today he saw red and black grouse and managed to snap a deers bum as it hopped the fence away from him. Tomorrow looks like George and Mark are going to be joined by a group of others all keen to see some more of the local wildlife.

George Lambert -

Later in the day the whole squad went to meet the man from Huntly Falconry where we had the opportunity to see and photograph:

  • Golden Eagle
  • Eagle Owl
  • Barn Owl
  • Harris Hawk
  • Tawny Owl

We worked on some classic portraiture and Neil showed us how to use backdrops and off camera flash in the field which was fantastic. Evie was particularly happy with this workshop as it directly links to photographs that she is aiming for within her equestrian work that she loves.

Here are a selection of photographs sent over by the guys from today.

Rose spent the day working on some 3D photographs of the owls... so if you have some 3D glasses in a cupboard then dig them out and have a butchers at this!!!

Rose Summers 

Thanks for reading, I hope that you've enjoyed the images... Tomorrow we're heading up to Inverness to visit Chanonry Point and hopefully see the dolphins. Watch this space. x