Cairngorms MNHP 2018 - Red Squirrels and Loch an Eilein

Lewis and myself had an early start this morning, Neil was kind enough to join us at 4am for the walk up into the woods behind Easter Corrie, and helped us set up for a sunrise red squirrel shoot. He planted a remote GoPro next to a tree stump that Lewis was able to trigger from the hide. He also helped us set up the hides and gave us some pointers before leaving us to the shoot.

The squirrels were ready for breakfast just after 5am with one or two persistent ones sticking around until just after 8:30, this gave us a decent chance to get some stills and video footage. We'll upload some of Lewis's stills soon. but for now heres a short video sequence that I shot on the Panasonic GH4 & Canon 300mm 2.8ii.

A short red squirrel sequence I shot this morning. Music: Arcade Fire - Song on the Beach.

Whilst we were up in the woods watching the squirrels Rose, Alistair and George went with Mark on a Scottish minibus safari. They saw grouse, deer and mountain hare from a distance which can't be sniffed at for a hour or so drive around the estate. 

Alistair Cranstone -

After we all got back from our morning exploits we took a squad road trip to Loch an Eilein. There Neil inducted part of the group on tracking rail timelapse techniques using his Sryp Genie setup. Mark took a group to the other side of the loch to show us how to use the Gigapan. Then we all spent a few hours shooting landscapes and timelapses.

Neil Aldridge -

Claire getting serious about her timelapse.

Claire getting serious about her timelapse.

Mark Gigapanning joe with the 500mm

Mark Gigapanning joe with the 500mm

I'll finish with a short selection of photographs and timelapses captured across the day by the group. Hope you enjoy...

Timelapse by Claire Spelling.

Timelapse from opposite side of the loch by Neuza.