Cairngorms MNHP 2018 - Arrival.

The drive is over, now the journey begins... (That might be the cheesiest thing I've ever written).

I'm going to keep this one fairly short as it's a later than planned and we've only just got into the cottages for the night. Lewis and myself have got a pretty early one tomorrow, first two in the red squirrel hides at 4am... Rose, Alistair and George are off with Mark to hopefully see some grouse, deer and lapwings... and whatever else they manage to see along the way.

But back to today, we set off early again this morning, eleven of us set off from Carlisle at about 7am ready for the Scotland stretch of the journey...

It was a tame journey to be honest, we had a stop to fully absorb the sadness of an old dilapidated Little Chef opposite the shiny ambassador for the new world that is Subway. Then we moved on to The Falls of Bruar where we spend a few hours taking photos and shooting a little video.

Lewis saw his first red squirrel of the trip and we stumbled across a roe deer in the woodland. There was plenty of opportunities for landscapes and long exposure shots of the waterfalls, I even managed to get the drone up in the air for some aerial shots.

Upon arriving at Easter Corrie we were treated to some brown hares who are incredibly comfortable with human presence.  

I'll leave it at that but here are a few shots of the day courtesy of George Lambert, Evie Lewis and myself.

George - @georgelambertphotography :

Evie Lewis - 

Joseph Gray (Me): 

Hopefully tomorrow we'll have a load of red squirrel shots along with any wildlife that the other morning party manage to catch!

Much love, thanks for reading.

Joe x