Joseph Gray : UK based digital media producer, providing photography and video media with a focus on wildlife, the environment and human interaction with the natural world.

My name is Joe,

Taking photographs is something that I've always loved, a passion that I seem to have inherited from my grandad. He was always taking photos at every family event or day out. My cousins and I all received a photo album of our entire childhoods when we turned eighteen.

When I first started to follow his footsteps and picked up a camera of my own I strived to create beautiful images. The shot was my full and complete process for perhaps the first five or six years of my photography career.

I have now developed an interest in the bigger picture, the story around the subject of my photograph. In hindsight it's surprising that it took me this long to start thinking about building narrative into my photographic work. Because, as anybody that knows me would tell you... The other thing that I've always done is tell stories. For as long as I can remember, I've told stories - to make people laugh, to catch peoples attention, to get them interested in the things that I care about.

I am doing my best to build collections, combining my eye for the images that I love with a narrative that I hope tells the story of the people, the day, the event, the organisation, the charity, or the species that I am photographing. I'm still learning and striving to be better at what I do, honestly, I hope that I will always be pushing myself to progress, each year producing better media that tells a stronger story.

Along with storytelling through photographs I have more recently been working on producing video media. Building my skills as a filmmaker, understanding sequencing and shooting using exciting new aerial drone and timelapse technology in order to further expand the services that I can offer clients.