Your wedding day is set to be one of the biggest days of your life! Your wedding lasts a day, but the photographs will last forever. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your wedding photographs tell the true story of your special day.


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I like to think that I specialize in a wedding photography service that is a little bit different from the norm. I don’t focus too heavily on big staged set pieces, instead I capture your wedding in a photojournalistic style, documenting all of those little moments of magic that ultimately tell the story of your wedding day. This means that you can relax and enjoy your day, which will in turn lead to more natural and beautiful wedding photographs. I do not like to specify an end time for my wedding photography service, this is because I do not leave until both you and I feel that the job is truly done, meaning that I will stay with you until the day (or night) organically slows down and comes to an end. I feel that this results in a better overall photography service for a few reasons:

  •  It takes pressure off of the time that you have me at your wedding, once again meaning that you can relax and get great natural photographs instead of feeling like all of the main moments need to be completed by a certain time in order to get them in the album.
  • You are comfortable in the knowledge that I am dedicated to being there, not clock watching or thinking about leaving until it is truly the right time to leave.
  • The best picture could naturally occur at any time of the day, it could come down to a single kiss or hug, nobody could plan for it, and if that were to happen five minutes after I put my camera away it would be a terrible shame. Not only for you, but I would feel as though I had done you a disservice.


I generally tailor a wedding photography package just for you, meaning that I quote a personal price, which takes into account all of the details of your wedding day and what you would like to walk away with. That being said, my service always includes:

  • At least 40 hours of post production work on your photographs
  • A high resolution disk of your photographs
  • A low resolution disk of your photographs (for easy uploading to the internet)
  • A hand made disk case made using organic materials from Loktah
  • An access code protected online gallery where you, family and friends can view all of your wedding photographs (and have the option of purchasing prints from my professional printing partners).


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You can contact me here with any questions that you might have or to arrange a consultation.